Renovating your Kitchen Cabinets On a Budget

Remodeling the kitchen cabinets

Remodeling the kitchen improves the value of your home in case you plan to sell it. It will also make meal preparation more efficient and make you more comfortable.

Least expensive way to remodel a kitchen

You can remodel your kitchen on a budget by giving it a new paint job, which will make it look new. A new technique for remodeling a kitchen is refacing cabinets, but you can also buy budget countertops and cabinets to replace your old ones. You could sand and restrain them too so that they look brand new and make your kitchen beautiful.

Refacing kitchen cabinets

Refacing kitchen cabinets involves covering them with plywood and then a veneer of real wood or durable laminate. To reface the cabinets, your contractor will remove cabinet doors and drawers then bond plywood to the cabinets using specialized bonding techniques. They then will put in the laminate over the plywood and get you brand new doors that match the laminate or wood veneer. This method is much cheaper than replacing your cabinets and ensures that there is not waste. Refaced cabinets can serve you for a long time before they start to show signs of age.

Cabinet Choices

Three materials are commonly used in refacing cabinets; wood veneer, plastic or vinyl laminate, and rigid thermofoil. Plastic laminate is the most popular because it is strong, affordable, and durable, while wood is more expensive but has a more realistic look than plastic. Rigid thermofoil is relatively new but is the strongest, most durable, and can imitate real wood, stone, marble, and granite. Rigid thermofoil is made with a vinyl laminate heated and bonded to an MDF board under high pressure, creating dense and heavy particleboards.

MDF or Wood

Wood and MDF have similar applications, although MDF is made from recycled wood bonded with resin. To make MDF manufacturers put wood fibers and the resin under high pressure to produce dense, stable sheets. Wood comes from trees and is hardwearing and more durable than MDF, which often cracks under heavy items.

Choice of colors

Cabinet colors should match your kitchen design. Whites and creams work with classic kitchen designs, and brighter colors work in modern kitchen designs. Colors like white, grey, crisp grey, vibrant blue, and greige are likely to shine and hold up well for years.

Hardware and doorknobs

The best cabinet door knobs are made of metal alloys such as brass, bronze, and stainless steel. You can also use nickel or pewter cabinet door knobs, but if you are looking to give your kitchen a vintage look, consider using glass or crystal doorknobs. Make sure that the doorknobs you choose are of high-quality and match your kitchen design and theme. You can also use cabinet doorknobs to show off your personality by picking knobs with unusual shapes such as seashells.

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